Alfa Communications
Creating a delicate award in the form of a Red Bow - a symbol of people fighting HIV/AIDS. A heart shaped ribbon - the logo of the Positively Open program rises from a white glass base imitating a cardboard vignette with a name and surname. Parts were precisely cut with water and fused in low temperature to maintain sharp edges.
200 x 150 mm

The most important goal of the Positively Open program is to show people living with HIV/AIDS, their families, employers and the environment that thanks to modern methods of HIV treatment it is possible to live a normal life. About 400 people gathered at the gala, during which the statuettes funded by Gilead Sciences Polska were presented. Representatives of all environments related to HIV came - people living with the virus and doctors, representatives of the highest state authorities and local government officials, representatives of non-governmental organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

More information and a report from the awarding gala are available at positive-otwarci.pl