The design process is always FREE OF CHARGE. Even if you are planning to give away only 1 piece. It motivates us to create forms, which mostly get accepted straight away.

This is how we create glass awards on an example of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. From the begining until the end in our studio. You must see that!

We always start by exploring all available information about the event, which is an opportunity for handing in awards. We look for inspiration and graphic themes, to make sure that your design will be consistent with the brand visual identity and unique character of your event. Next, we move to quick sketches on paper.

When we decide that something interesting was born, we model 3D form, determining size, proportions, colors and text arrangements.

With every single offer you'll get a FREE LINK 360° that allows to close up and rotate the award in any direction. If your view rotates too far, just double click to center it. Mouse scroll zooms in and out:

The cost of one piece depends on a level of difficulty, shape, used materials, the quantity of engraves, copies and your deadline. If your budget is predetermined, we can look for the golden mean, adjusting technology, shape and used elements to your sum.

We present our visuals with the price and keep fingers crossed for the "green light". Our timetable is always set by deadlines of customers' events, to make sure that every award will be delivered on time. When the temperature gets low, the awards get laser engraved, mounted and photographed.

Then we prepare everything to dispatch. We can use secured parcel service or PKP Intercity conductor shipment, which is the safest way of delivery in Poland, e.g. Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, Gdansk, Szczecin. Everything depends on the fragility of design and the number of glass awards.

We also send bespoke awards abroad and allow personal pickup from our studio.

We are very happy and satisfied when we get or find online reports after the event (pictures below come from Facebook profile Santander Polish Masters). We see real emotions and true joy.

Isn't that the most important?

We fulfill many projects periodically and the award gets more and more recognizable and prestigious year after year. Then we establish close relationships with our clients, so creating new awards or making modifications is much easier.

We had a chance to get to know yet!


📨 Małgorzata [Burda Media Polska]:
"Thank you very much for the design. I will honestly admit, that I am surprised. Very creative idea and excellent feeling".
"(...) I received your parcel 15 minutes ago. It's sensational, really. The awards exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you very much for such design and congratulate ingenuity and creativity. I will definitely come back with other projects. Thank you one more time!".

📨 Maja [OHAUS Europe]:
"What can I say... WOW!!! They are gorgeous! Thank you 😀".
"(...) We cooperate for more than 10 years. It is always spot on and remarkably. Delivery always on time. I recommend to everyone, who wants to distinguish their clients, business partners and employees".

📨 Katarzyna [InPost]:
"Yes! This is just what we had in mind. We fully accept and ask for an execution".
"The awards were delivered yesterday. They look exactly, how we wanted! Thank you one more time for your quick and great job".

📨 Katarzyna [WSB Wrocław]:
"Great! You probably conjure up your awards 😉".

📨 Sylwia [KPODR]:
"I went to your website and... it is legible and simple, it is easy to find what you need".
"Thank you for the making in time. I love to cooperate with you veeery much".
"You get the Reliable Company title from my side".

📨 Konrad [Optima Logistics Group]:
"Chapeau bas! They look great on pictures 😀 We cannot wait to get the parcel"...
"Everyone loved the awards, they were given away today, everything went very well 😀 Thank you one more time for the next excellent and quick job. Have a great day and speak to you soon!".

📨 Andrzej [Alfa Communications]:
"The awards came with no trouble. They are - as always - beautiful. Thank you and I am asking for an invoice".

📨 Michał []:
"I do not want to judge before I get them in my hands, but on pictures... 10/10 😀 I will stand in my window half a day tomorrow! (ed. waiting for the delivery) I will surely fuss up a little bit next year because we consider name and logo changing but I will also bother you with pleasure 😀".

You can find more warm words on our Facebook profile in bookmark Reviews.
There is also a place for your feedback.


If you like to take things into your own hands, you can check your skills as a designer. There are many tools.

It can be e.g. a simple piece of paper and pen, crayons, pastels or anything, you have in hand. Draw your idea the best you can and send us a picture or scan via email.

You can also use a very intuitive and common service, which is called Canva.


You only need to visit and after completely free registration, start designing any graphics. You can build your glass award, based on e.g. logo template.

Add elements, change color, paste logo and match the text. You can send us your project using a share button in the top right corner. We will verify if it's possible to be made in our studio. Maybe just a small modification will be enough.

Everything is just as simple with free app Canva available on iOS or Android. You will be able to create and modify your design on any device at any time.


Contact us. What are we going to create togheter?