Fresenius Medical Care
Refreshing the Golden Dialyser award, previously cast from metal. We managed to create a light, transparent form with subtly emphasized golden edges of the glass. The award in its new form has been continuously presented in the nephrological community since 2016.
240 x 80 mm / 290 x 120 mm

In 2018, Fresenius asked us to prepare a variation on the Golden Dialyser - a more phenomenal, more elegant version for the retiring CEO - Teresa Dryl-Rydzyńska. He is a person who developed Fresenius in Poland from scratch, leading their companies for about 25 years. She is an elegant, charismatic and active woman. Authority in the nephrological environment, authority for employees. The originator of the declarations of will saying: "In the hope of saving my life, I consent to the collection of my tissues and organs for transplant after death." Introducing the SUPER GOLD Dialyser.

The photos come from the organizer and Agencja Gazeta.