Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie
An award made of 6 layers of thick, clear glass. The three layers with the letter "d" cut out are permanently sealed inside, creating a 3D effect that perfectly diffuses the light. The background of the statuette is colored yellow according to the style of the event. Thanks to the closure of the form in a compact body, it was possible to prepare a special packaging with a cutout for the logotype.
150 x 150 mm

The Top Design Award competition aims to promote innovative design solutions and companies investing in good design. Products nominated for the final of the competition are presented during the Arena Design event, i.e. a project dedicated to design, which is a unique meeting of Polish and foreign designers, experts in the field of industrial design and entrepreneurs aware of the key role of design in the company's strategy.

The photos come from the Top Design Award 2012 presentation, available on the website of the organizer of the Arena Design event.

Top Design Award 2013 in a different version.

Top Design Award 2014 connected with bent and brushed stainless steel.