Magazyn Exklusiv
The Exklusiv Prize is a new version of the prestigious competition that has been organized for eight years. A multi-layered award in the form of a toy / labyrinth with a moving ball was awarded in three categories: Graphics and illustration, Analog photography, Film from a mobile phone. The individual layers are cut with water.
Ø120 mm

Exklusiv magazine has been on the market since 2003. Each month it was an indicator of trends in culture and fashion. The editor-in-chief was, inter alia, Tomasz Kin - well-known and respected radio and TV journalist. Under his leadership, the magazine acquired an even more expressive style and opinion-forming character.

Along with the Exklusiv Prize, the magazine offered more opportunities for emerging artists - it invited photographers, visual artists, video-art makers and filmmakers to participate. In this way, the editorial office wanted to contribute to animating the environment and supporting the most talented graduates of art academies and amateurs.